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16 Week White Belt Warriors Roadmap

Dear Struggling Middle Aged White Belt,

Let me ask you a question: If you were able to accelerate and unlock the limitless potential of your own mind and master the BJJ game of success, how much would that impact your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience?

When I first started training BJJ in 2003, I jumped in head first and started to get great results during rolling.

I was 33 years old, eager to learn, hungry, and by the time I achieved my blue belt I thought I had it all figured out.

Then I hit a wall.

My success dried up FAST and I started realizing that results were harder and harder to create.

I knew I needed to find a solution… I started buying every BJJ instructional DVD I could get my hands on. I spent thousands of hours watching videos, reading books, and attending seminars

I literally became OBSESSED!

And after a 3-year journey, with over $40,000 invested into my own personal growth and development I had a BREAKTHROUGH. And my understanding of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has NEVER been the same again.

So I’d like to share something really special with you that until recently I only shared with my TOP students and clients.

It’s called the “16 Week White Belt Warriors Roadmap” and it contains literally the most powerful principles and strategies for middle aged white belts I have used to breakdown BJJ, reprogram my mind and solidify my success.

The “16 Week White Belt Warriors Roadmap” boils it down to the core – no filler information and no BS, just the raw and precise truth – pieced together in a way that you can implement quickly and consistently.

Because at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is RESULTS!

Unlock Your Limitless Potential & Master Success

This online course will truly help you reprogram the way your approach BJJ so you can unlock your limitless potential and master the inner / outer game of success.

Although I can’t show you all of the course content now – I want to give you a quick glimpse of the Roadmap’s BJJ principles.

Principle #1

How to Keep Up with Younger, Faster Students

It is true that you cannot beat Father Time. However, you can improve your decision making – I give you the tools and techniques you need to develop a game that will last a lifetime.

Principle #2

How to Stay Motivated When You Hit a Plateau

I will teach you how to leverage the unlocked power of your subconscious mind to translate any goal into reality and build the game you truly deserve.

Principle #3

How to Unleash Your Ultimate BJJ Potential

Learn all the finer details on how to be tighter, escape more quickly, reduce injury and prime the body and mind for massive levels of action. This principle alone will allow you to achieve more results, faster.

Powerful Video Tutorials, Private Members Facebook Group, & Bonus Benefits

The “16 Week White Belt Warriors Roadmap” contains many powerful BJJ video tutorials – over 150 techniques, details white belts often overlook, mindset, nutrition, prehab exercises, and more. PLUS I’ll give you access to our private members-only Facebook group!

This is without a doubt the closest thing to having me personally teach you, the middle aged white belt, exactly how to elevate your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game.

So, take a close look at the order button on this page now.

It’s not just an order button, is it?

It’s your opportunity to solidify your BJJ success.

Go ahead and place your order now while you still can.

Because you deserve it.

See you soon.

Professor Raz Chan

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16 week White Belt BJJ accelerated learning program.

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